Bauhinia Musik Haus Violin RC-V140 (Entry level)

Bauhinia Musik Haus Violin RC-V140 (Entry level)

RC – V140

Ideal instrument for beginning a violinist’s journey.

RC – V140 possesses an ease of play, balanced response, pleasing tone and dynamic contrasts of volume, all of which are key attributes for being an ideal beginner violin.


With RC – V140, beginning violinists are able to effectively capture the fundamental techniques of violin playing and are more likely to succeed in their future.


Its key attributes are a result of its highly precise measures in its making, the angle of the bridge, the height of the fingerboard, nut clearance, and neck diameter, etc.

Moreover, our skilled workers carefully set-up each instrument to bring out the best possible tone and playability.


Size: 3/4


The product includes: Case, bow and rosin.