Renaissance Collection

The French word “Renaissance” means “Rebirth”. And at Renaissance Collection, we aim to provide an experience in the seamless blending of music and lifestyle, discovery and exploration of the old and new. Renaissance Collection will be the ultimate destination where culture meets today’s values of style. The Renaissance period was the start of the revival of classical learning and wisdom after a long period of cultural decline and stagnation.
Music and arts were integral to the modernization and progress of society. Renaissance Collection wants to awaken the desires and yearnings for the love of music through the collection of brands and instruments we will present with pride. Music connects hearts and souls regardless of one’s race, age or language. At Renaissance Collection, we want every person to have access to the finest musical experience to freely express themselves, and we can all make the world a better place.

Words of Founder

Dear all,

It is an honor for me to welcome you, your children, your family, your colleagues and friends to the Renaissance Collection (RC).

At RC, we have a vision of giving access to each child in Vietnam the power of music through Creative Education, so that they all can #JoinTheRenaissance and become the greatest version of themselves. I believe it is a right for each child to have the means and tools to be creative, one of the key 21st Century Skills for our children to be able to thrive in the new world. Hence, we have chosen very carefully, together with our RC Ambassadors in Mr. Bao-Anh Nguyen (Orchestral Ambassador) and Mr. Michael Choi (Rock’n’pop Ambassador), top experts in their respective fields, the finest instruments that will match your child’s musical needs and be affordable to all families of different backgrounds.

Our further hope at RC, is to support the great young talents of this country so that they may have the opportunity to reach out onto the world stage. Our hope is to build a Society that supports and encourages creativity and the arts, where industry, professionals, corporates, educators and the general public work hand-in-hand to develop the next generation of musicians and artists, but more importantly, well-rounded and holistic individuals who are able to express themselves freely.

Thank you for your support of the arts. Thank you for trusting in Renaissance Collection.

I look forward to the opportunity to share more with you in person.

My best,

Thanh Bui

Founder – Renaissance Collection

Our collection includes a wide range of musical instrument products from the world’s most renowned and influential brands:

Exclusivity & Selectivity

Being an exclusive distributor of the world’s greatest musical instrument brands, Renaissance Collection offers an assortment of high qualities. Carefully chosen to present only the best sounds, all of our products are guaranteed to be in their best conditions.


Curated from traditional craftsmanship with the highest standards, all of our instruments are imported from the most reputable ateliers in Germany, Austria, Japan and Hong Kong.


Our products are designed by the top experts with their great visions. Such exclusivity shapes and perfects the lifestyle of any personality in Vietnam.


Our mission does not stop in bringing world-class musical instruments to the local market, but to collaborate with prestigious partners and globally recognized music examination boards to add more value of our products to the community in different aspects.

Community & CSR

With our products, concerts, educational materials and open environment, we focus on creating ample opportunities for everyone who loves music to be able to see, feel and experience what we call “passion”. Besides lifestyle and culture, our products are aimed to provide support for students and institutions in need, so that little by little, we will welcome the future in harmony and with enlightenment.


  • Piano Maintenance

    Keep your piano sounding in the best condition.
    Our experienced technicians will maintain the best sound for your piano after delivered at your home. Inspecting, cleaning, tuning and voicing adjustment will be included in our package.
  • Transportation

    Perfection straight to your door.
    With our professional transporting team, we guarantee to give you the best solution through our site check activity prior to every delivery of your instrument order to your home.
  • Instrument Care

    Annual examination or upon request.
    We offer you our direct instructions on how to use and your instrument right at your home based on requests. Instrument Care Handbook will also be provided in order to help you take care of your instrument more easily and avoid repair costs at your most convenience.
  • Space Consultation

    Turn a house into a home with our interior designers.
    For our high-end pianos, we offer piano placement consultation to both maximize its use and ensure the most aesthetic living space in your home.
  • Loyalty Program

    Become a part of our family to receive exceptional incentives.
    Members of this program will receive VIP Cards to be granted with special incentives and more extensive benefits. Be a part of our Loyalty family!