The Piano Brand Blüthner Officially Entered Vietnam Market

The opening ceremony of Renaissance Collection Pop-up Store took place on December 14th, marking Blüthner as one of the four most prestigious piano brands in the world that has been present in Vietnam. Vietnamese music fans and students thereby will have a chance to get closer to the quintessence of European classical music. In addition, SMPAA was announced to become the first Blüthner school in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

The ceremony was also attended by the founder of Renaissance Collection - Mr. Thanh Bui, Principal of Soul Music and Performing Arts Academy - Mr. Ted Farraday, and representatives from Blüthner – Cultural and Institutional Director - Mr. Thomas Neubauer.

(From the left) Mr. Ted Farraday, Mr. Thanh Bui and Mr. Thomas Neubauer

The ribbon cutting ceremony of the Renaissance Collection pop-up store.

Mr. Thomas Neubauer awarded the certificate of the first Blüthner music school in Vietnam to Mr. Ted Farraday.

Sharing about the Pop-Up Store of Renaissance Collection, Mr. Thanh Bui said: “Renaissance Collection is not only a distributor of world famous musical instrument brands but also aims to accompany and develop the heritage of the world classical music in Vietnam."

Mr. Thanh Bui standing next to the Blüthner Model 11 which will be auctioned at"Night at The Opera" on the evening of December 19.

The Blüthner Model 1 Grand Piano is valued at over 5 billion VND.

When talking about SMPAA officially becoming the first Blüthner school in Vietnam, Mr. Thanh Bui also shared: “We are honored to accompany, contribute and develop Blüthner in Vietnam to bring perfect learning experience for students and music lovers from the first steps to build a stronger music community and accomplish our mission “Shaping the future through the Music Art".

Renaissance Collection has a vision of a community, a family of music lovers. With the slogan "Let music Empower" and "Music is your companion", we believe that music can inspire, motivate as well as be your companion on the path of conquering all challenges and pursuing your dreams.

Artist Gerard Amontche showed his admiring performance on the Model 1 Grand Piano.

Together with the Blüthner artist, the 17-year-old artist Luu Hoang Ha, who had just returned from the "International Piano Contest - Road to the prestigious Carnegie Hall Theater 2019", brought listeners back to the original feelings of the music works such as Prelude Op.3, No. 2 in C # minor, "The Sky Lark", Waltz in E mino Op. Posthume, Etude Op.10 No. 4 "Torrent" by composers Sergei Rachmanioff, Frederic Chopin, and Mily Balakirev.

Luu Hoang Ha excellently performed the classical master pieces though at a very young age.

Renaissance Collection launches the Pop-Up Store - Ideal place for purchasing musical instruments

Renaissance Collection has officially opened the first Pop-Up Store at the Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA). As displayed area for musical instruments from the famous brand Blüthner (Germany) and many other famous brands in the world, Renaissance Collection's Pop-Up Store is more than just a shopping option. It is also a special art space for the Vietnamese to see and experience the heritage, quintessence and understanding of the historical development of the world classical music.

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Blüthner Classic Model 1 (Professional level)

Length: 280cm
Width: 160cm
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Blüthner Classic Model 11 (Professional level)

Length: 154cm
Width: 152cm
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