For The First Time, 3 Legendary Pianos From Blüthner Appeared Together In The Music Night “A Night At The Opera House”

On the evening of December 19, "A Night at The Opera" was taken place with the performances ofthe Saigon Symphony Orchestra (SPO) and the Saigon Youth Symphony Orchestra (SPYO) at the Opera House in Ho Chi Minh City. The music night recreated classics of masters like Johann Strauss, Giuseppe Verdi, Gaetano Donizetti and Sergei Rachmaninoff on the Blüthner Model 1 Full Concert Grand Piano. The event also marked Renaissance Collection accompanying art projects through the exhibition and auction of the Blüthner Model 11 and the limited edition Blüthner PH grand piano to support for SPYO's upcoming European concert. In particular, Mr. Eric Nguyen, Miss Giang My’s partner, successfully auctioned and became the first owner of the Blüthner PH Piano in Vietnam with a value of nearly 5 billionVND.

During the night, the guests enjoyed the magic of excerpts from legendary operas such as Die Fledermaus, La Traviata, Lucia di Lammermoor, and Paganini under the direction of renowned conductor Hans Richter together with the famous vocals from the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra such as Christopher Leung, Jessica Ng, Leung Siu Kwan, Wesley Lam and Colette Lam. The show was even more complete with the impressive solo performance of pianist Ta Quang Vu on the piano Blüthner Model 1 Grand, vividly reproducing Prelude op.23 No.4 in D major by the great composer Sergei Rachmaninoff. In addition, the event was attended by the Saigon Symphony Orchestra Art Director (SPO), the Saigon Youth Symphony Orchestra (SPYO) and also the Renaissance Collection’s Orchestral Ambassador - Mr. Nguyen Bao Anh and Founder of Renaissance Collection - Mr. Thanh Bui.

Pianist Ta Quang Vu performing on the piano Blüthner Model 1 with timeless masterpieces.

The music night brought emotions to the guests through the and warm sound of the Blüthner Model 1.

The exhibition showcased two piano masterpieces - Blüthner Model 11 and Blüthner PH

In addition to the sublime moments and the world-renowned works on the Model 1 Blüthner, guests also had the opportunity to admire the beauty of two other great masterpieces in the piano world: Blüthner Model 11 and Blüthner PH.

Blüthner Model 11 (right) was introduced to the public at the opening of Pop-Up Store Renaissance Collection on the evening of December 14. And Blüthner PH (left) first appeared with Vietnamese fans on the evening of the exhibition 19/12.

The guests also had the opportunity to enjoy the special sound of Blüthner Model 11 through the talent of pianist Ta Quang Vu in the exhibition.

Despite being the smallest size of the Grands, Blüthner Model 11 with resonance panel is ingeniously crafted by the skilled artisans with the outstanding sound which is not inferior to the previous versions of the brand.

Mr Eric Nguyen became the first owner of the Blüthner PH Piano in Vietnam and he gave his partner – Miss Giang My as a gift.

On the contrary to the classic beauty, the Blüthner PH piano represents a modern, futuristic look even though it was designed in the 20th century. With its unique material made from high-class Plexiglass, Blüthner PH became a splendid work that attracted every gaze in the exhibition space.

Blüthner PH PianoAuction - All the money will be contributed to SPYO for the tour in Germany

In particular, the auction attracted much attention from the guests and sponsors. Renaissance Collection was proud to accompany the development of young artists on the journey to become a world music ambassador.

As an art lover, Miss Giang My and her partner Eric Nguyen, the Consul General of Palau in Vietnam, also paid special attention to the auction and finally became the owner of the Blüthner PH which was worth nearly 5 billion after the evening event on 12/19.

The guests visiting the exhibition space with information about classical music and the Blüthner brand.

Miss Giang My.

Mr. Thanh Bui put a lot of effort in bringing the Blüthner piano brand to Vietnam with Renaissance Collection.

Renaissance Collection desires to bring classical music art closer to the Vietnamese people.

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