Beethoven was known for his talented mind in composing, and he had numerously contributed and made an impact on the music industry. As an appreciation for the work of Beethoven, Renaissance Collection collaborated with Saigon Classical to conduct “Beethoven: Piano Sonatas” - Celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday on June 13th 2020.

The audience shared their love and passion at “Beethoven: Piano Sonatas".

The angelic sounds of Beethoven's tracks were played by young and talented performers.

The night of the performance gave the audience a chance to relive the ups and downs of Beethoven’s life through his compositions, along with the space and atmosphere that boosted their experiences.

Renaissance Collection was cherished to sponsor these young and talented performers with Blüthner’s Irmler F160, one of the world’s most famous piano brands from Germany. The harmonic sounds from the strings of Irmler F160, together with its sophisticated design, completed the event as a whole.

The audience tuned in to sweet harmonies of Beethoven’s music pieces.

Together with talented performers, Irmler F160 piano made wonderful melodies.

The sublimity of every performance, the chemistry between performers and their instruments made this night unforgettable, remarkable, and meaningful to fans of Beethoven’s works and to classical music lovers at large.

product in this event

Irmler Studio F160 (Intermediate level)

Length: 160cm
Width: 150cm
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